Commercial Taxes Department

Asst/ Aduit/Appeal /Transition

Sl.No.Form No.DocumentsDescription
1 FORM GST ASMT-01 Application for Provisional Assessment under section60
2 FORM GST ASMT-02 Notice for Seeking Additional Information / Clarification / Documents for provisional assessment
3 FORM GST ASMT-03 Reply to the notice seeking additional information
4 FORM GST ASMT-04 Order of Acceptance or Rejection of Provisional Assessment
5 FORM GST ASMT-06 Notice for seeking additional information / clarification / documents for final assessment
6 FORM GST ASMT-07 Final Assessment Order
7 FORM GST ASMT-08 Application for Withdrawal of Security
8 FORM GST ASMT-09 Order for release of security or rejecting the application
9 FORM GST ASMT-10 Notice for intimating discrepancies in the return after scrutiny
10 FORM GST ASMT-11 Reply to the notice issued under section61 intimating discrepancies in the return
11 FORM GST ASMT-12 Order of acceptance of reply against the notice issued under section61
12 FORM GST ASMT-13 Assessment order under section 62
13 FORM GST ASMT-14 Show Cause Notice for assessment under section 63
14 FORM GST ASMT-15 Assessment order under section 63
15 FORM GST ASMT-16 Assessment order under section 64
16 FORM GST ASMT-17 Application for withdrawal of assessment order issued under section 64
17 FORM GST ASMT-18 Acceptance or Rejection of application filed under section 64 (2)
1 Form GST ADT - 01 Notice for conducting audit
2 Form GST ADT - 02 Audit Report under section 65(6)
3 Form GST ADT - 03 Communication to the registered person for conduct of special audit under section 66
4 Form GST ADT - 04 Information of Findings upon Special Audit
5 GST APL-01 Appeal to Appellate Authority
6 GST APL-02 Acknowledgement of submission of appeal
7 GST APL-03 Application to the Appellate Authority under sub-section (2) of Section 107
8 GST APL-04 Summary of the demand after issue of order by the Appellate Authority, Tribunal or Court
9 GST APL-05 Appeal to the Appellate Tribunal
10 GST APL-06 Cross-objections before the Appellate Authority / Appellate Tribunal
11 GST APL-07 Application to the Appellate Tribunal under sub section (3) of Section 112
12 GST APL-08 Appeal to the High Court under section 117
Form GST TRAN – 1
Form GST TRAN – 2
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