Entry No. Classes of Assesses or description Rate of tax per month / Year
in Rs.
1 2 3
1 Salary and wage earners whose monthly salaries or wages in Rs:
(i) Up to 15,000 Nil
(ii) From 15,001 to 20,000 150/- PM
(iii) (iii) Above 20,000 200/- PM
2 Legal practitioners, Solicitors, Notaries, Tax Consultants, Chartered Accountants, Technical and Professional Consultants, Engineers, RCC Consultants, Architects, Management Consultants, Estate Agents, Chief Agents, Principal Agents, Special Agents, Insurance Agents, Surveyors or Loss assessors registered or licensed under the Insurance Act, 1938 (Central Act IV of 1938), Pigmy Agents, UTI agents, Authorized assistants and Sub brokers recognized by SEBI, Commission Agents, Dalals, Brokers, Auctioneers, Medical Practitioners, Journalists, Medical Consultants (Other than Practitioners of Ayurvedic, Homeopathic and Unani systems of Medicines), Dentists, Radiologists, Pathologists and persons engaged in other similar professions or callings of a Paramedical nature, whose standing in the profession is:
(i) (i) Up to 5 years Nil
(ii) (ii) More than 5 years 2500/- PA
3 Members of Stock-Exchanges recognized under Security Contracts (Regulation) Act, 1956 2500/- PA
4 Contractors scoring annual turnover as under:
(a) Below Rs.10 lakhs Nil
(b) From Rs.10 lakh to Rs.50 lakhs 1250/- PA
(c) Above Rs 50 lakhs 2500/- PA
5 Directors drawing remuneration from the company (other than those nominated by the Government) of Companies Registered under the Companies Act, 1956. 2500/- PA
6 (i) Race horse owners, Trainers and Book Makers licensed by the Turf clubs of Hyderabad Race Club or any other Race club. 2500/- PA
(ii) Jockeys licensed by the Turf clubs. 1250/- PA
7 Persons employed in the motion picture industry namely:-
(i) Film Producers, Film Distributors, Film Directors, Cinematograph Film Processors, Directors of Photography, Music Directors, Choreographers, Lyricists, Actors and Actresses, Story writers, Play-back singers, Recordists, Editors, Owners or Lessees of outdoor film units. 2500/- PA
(ii) Assistant Music Directors, Assistant director of Photography, Cameraman, Still photographers, Junior Artists, Production Managers, Assistant Directors, Assistant Cameraman, Assistant Recordists, Assistant Editors, Musicians and Dancers. 1250/- PA
8 APVAT registered Dealers or Dealers liable to be Registered under APVAT Act 2005 including FP shop dealers, Shopkeepers (Employers) of establishment as defined under AP Shops and Establishment Act 1988 whose annual business turnover is Rs:
(i) Below Rs.10 Lakhs Nil
(ii) From Rs.10 lakhs to Rs.50 lakhs 1250/- PA
(iii) Above Rs. 50 lakhs 2500/- PA
9 Owners or Lessees of factories as defined under the Factories Act, 1948 with annual turnover as follows:
(i) Below Rs.10 Lakhs Nil
(ii) From Rs.10 lakhs to Rs.50 lakhs 1250/- PA
(iii) Above Rs 50 lakhs 2500/- PA
10 Owners or Lessees of Petrol/Diesel/Gas filling stations and Service stations, Garage and Workshops of automobiles. 2500/- PA
11 Owners or Lessees of Nursing Homes or Hospitals other than those run by the State, Local Bodies or Central Government. 2500/- PA
12 Owners or Lessees of Pathological Testing Labs, X Ray Clinics and Medical Diagnostic Centers. 2500/- PA
13 Owners or Lessees of Beauty Parlours/Saloons and Interior Decorators. 2500/- PA
14 Owners or Lessees of Hotels, Restaurants, Bars or Lodging Houses having annual turnovers as follows
(i) Below 10 Lakhs Nil
(ii) From 10 lakhs to 50 lakhs 1250/- PA
(iii) Above Rs 50 lakhs 2500/- PA
15 Owners or Lessees or operators of Convention Centers, Cinema theatres, Amusement Parks, Clubs, Resorts, Video parlours, Master Cable TV, Cable TV, DTH, Video games and Computer Games 2500/- PA
16 (i) Holders of permits of less than Three(3) transport vehicles (other than auto-rickshaws) granted under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.. Nil
(ii) Holders of permits of Three( 3) or more transport vehicles (other than auto-rickshaws) granted under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. 2500/- PA
17 Money lenders, licensed under the law relating to money lenders, Micro Finance Institutions(MFIs) and Individuals or institutions conducting/running Chit Funds. 2500/- PA
18 Co-operative Societies registered under the A.P. Co-operative Societies Act, 1964 and engaged in any profession, trade or calling:
(i) Village and Mandal level societies. Nil
(ii) District Level societies. 1250/- PA
(iii) State level societies. 2500/- PA
19 Banking Companies as defined in the Banking Regulations Act, 1949 including its each branch/ATM/extension counter in addition to the area Office/Zonal Office/Head Office.Explanation:For the purpose of this entry “Banking Companies” shall mean and include any bank, which came into existence after the year 1949 through separate Act but whose operations are Governed by the provisions of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949 (Central Act 10 of 1949) irrespective of how the bank(s) came into existence. 2500/- PA
20 All Companies registered under the Companies Act, 1956, not being a dealer under APVAT Act 2005 and engaged in a profession, trade or calling with turnover of Rs. 10.00 lakhs and above. 2500/- PA
21 Each partner of a firm drawing remuneration from the firm engaged in any profession, trade or calling. 1250/- PA
22 Travel Agencies 2500/- PA
23 Advertising Firms/Agencies 2500/- PA
24 Persons using Photocopying machines for job works:
(i) Less than 3 Photocopying machines. Nil
(ii) Three or more number of Photocopying machines. 1250/- PA
25 Video Cassette, DVD, CD Libraries. 1250/- PA
26 Each branch and Head Office of Educational Institutions and Tutorial Colleges or such other Institutes other than those owned by the State, Local Bodies or Central Government. 2500/- PA
27 Institutes such as Motor Driving Institutes, Technical Training Institutes, Computer Institute selling time, Computer training Institute, Typewriting and shorthand training Institutes by whatever name they are called other than those owned by State or Central Government. 2500/- PA
28 Property Developers including Land Developers and Building / Flat Developers. 2500/- PA
29 Owners or Lessees of Marriage Halls/Kalyana Mandapams/Auditorium/Convention Halls. 2500/- PA
30 Transport Companies and Transport contractors including Forwarding and Clearing agents. 2500/- PA
31 Weigh Bridge Operators 1250/- PA
32 Courier Service Operators 2500/- PA
33 Broadcasting and Telecasting Service Providers other than Central Government or State Government agencies. 2500/- PA
34 Mobile phone or fixed line phone service providers, Internet Service Providers, Leased Lines Service providers, VSAT Service Providers and Wireless Service Providers. 2500/- PA
35 Owners of Call centers and BPO/KPO Centers. 2500/- PA
36 ISD, STD and PCO Operators , other than Government or physically challenged persons, with:
(i) One Telephone line Nil
(ii) More than one Telephone line 1250/- PA
37 Cyber Cafes. 2500/- PA
38 Owners or Lessees of premises, rented or leased out for commercial or industrial purposes, other than those owned by State, Local Bodies or Central Government Agencies. 2500/- PA
39 1.Agriculturalist, 2. Persons engaged in performing religious duties, 3. Skilled persons that is to say Gold Smith, Black Smith, Pot Maker, Basket Maker, Washerman, Barber, Cobbler, Tailors, Carpenters, Masons, Plumbers, Book Binder, Toddy Tappers and Electricians 4. Physically Handicapped persons with 40% or more disability of any kind, 5. Dry Cleaners. Exempted
40 Persons, other than those mentioned in any of the preceeding entries, who are engaged in any profession, trade or calling or employment with annual income of more than Rs 1,80,000/- but excluding those who are exempted under Section 31 of the Act and Entry No. 39 above. 2500/- PA
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