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Entry Tax 2001 Schedules
SNo. Commodity
1 ACSR Conductors, All Aluminium Conductors, All Aluminium Alloy Conductors and All Conductors Alloy Reinforced.
2 Air Conditioners, Air Conditioning plants and parts thereof, Air handling units, Compressors, Chillers, Colling Towers, Ducting material and Refrigeration Gas.
3 Oil Well Cement Class-G,HSR Type
4 All kinds of bulbs and lights, washing machines, transformers and generators.
5 Lifts, Elevators and Escalators.
6 HDPE/PP Woven Fabrics and Sacks
7 HDPE / PVC Pipes tubes and Fittings.
8 Super Light Diesel Oil
9 High Speed Diesel Oil
10 L.D.O
11 Dyctile IRon Pipes
12. Caustic Soda
13 Chlorline
14 Hydrochloric Acid
15 Sulphuric Acid
16 Acetic Acid
17 Acetic Anthydride
18 Aspirin
19 Salicylic Acid
20 Portassium Carbonate
21 Chloro Sulphonic Acid
22 Barium Sulphate
23 Electronic Energy Meters
24 Furnance Oil
25 Cement
26 Naphtha
27 Residual Petroleum Products like  LSHS and Aromex
28 Refrigerators
29 Deep Freezers, Bottle Coolers and Water Coolers and Parts thereof.
30 Xerox Machines
31 T.Vs
32 Electrical Goods namely wires, switches, switch boxes
33 Marble, Marble articles, polished Granite slabs/Stones and tiles
34 Marble Tiles, Granite Slabs/Stones
35 Bitumen
36 Ceramic Sanitary Ware
37 HDPE Granules
38 Aluminium Products
39 Atta, Maida, Sooji, Ravva and Wheet Flour
40 White Cement
41 Lightening Arrestor
42 C-9 Petroleum
43 Ferro Alloys including Ferro sillicon,sillicon Manganese and H.C.Ferro Chrome
44 Cement Sheets and Asbestos Sheets
45 Prawn Feed
46 Mineral Turpentine Oil
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