Attention AP Profession Tax Taxpayers
  1. Existing Registered Taxpayers:
    1. If Profession Taxpayer registered and having registration in Form-II, then create Username & Password by clicking on "Create User" button and once logged-in register for Form-I as Employer.
    2. If Taxpayer having PTIN as employer in Form-I, but not having PTIN as a Frim / Profession / Trade / Calling in Form-II. PTIN's were auto generated by the system and list of such Taxpayers can be verified by clicking here.
  2. If Taxpayer is Not Registered in (GST/VAT) Act / Profession / Trade / Calling / Enterprise etc,. and not having any registration are requested to apply a fresh application for Form-II registration and if required apply for Form-I.
  3. For more information, Please refer User Guide.

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